In Dependability – Radio Still Winning over Social Media?

In Dependability – Radio Still Winning over Social Media?

Nielsen Research shows that, while social media reaches slightly more than 179 million users  18 and over every month, AM/FM radio reaches more than 243 million consumers weekly! Furthermore, audio creates a much more intimate experience. Social media “impressions” are often inflated by bots, left-open tabs, and wandering eyes, while with audio the listener is focused on one specific message at a time. Unfortunately, when businesses think of radio, they often only consider using a 30 or 60-second “commercial,” not recognizing there are far more options available. Here are some of them:

The Win-Win of Radio Media Tours

Radio Media Tours involve a spokesperson conducting a series of pre-scheduled interviews with radio stations. These interviews are generally 10 minutes in length and typically target the desired AM drive daypart. Radio stations win because they are getting desired content that appeals to their audience. Marketers and PR firms win because their content and their message are getting cost-effective attention from a desired audience, be it a specific demographic, geographical area or the entire country.

Audio News Releases Enhance Credibility

Typically :60 seconds in length, well-produced audio news releases (see also Spanish Language ANRs) build credibility for a product or service. Including newsworthy content like a survey or new statistics is desirable. They can be pitched to stations or paid for, with a guarantee of placement. They often include a soundbite with the voice of a spokesperson like a CEO, researcher, inventor, or community organizer. Audio News Releases can be targeted to specific markets or broadcast nationwide.

PSA’s to Advance a Cause

Public Service Announcements are short-form messages promoting a non-profit organization or charitable cause. Radio stations air these messages at no charge, providing benefit to the organization while helping achieve their mission to serve their communities.

Public Affairs Programming

Public Affairs Programming addresses a variety of issues ranging from health care to education, poverty, government and the environment. These shows may be hosted by a single moderator or produced in a documentary, news magazine stye. Public Affairs Programming typically has a longer format, lasting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, providing guests with a forum in which to express their views.

How MediaTracks Helps

MediaTracks helps public relations and marketing firms place their messages on radio stations coast-to-coast. For almost 30 years, we’ve been building relationships with some of the most respected and listened-to radio stations in the country. Whether broad, national coverage is needed or distribution in just a single market, we have services to meet your objectives. Our experienced team includes award-winning writers and producers dedicated to creating and broadcasting the highest-quality audio programming.


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